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17 May
Russia is well-known for its fabulous classical music. However, it’s not always easy to recall exactly who gave Russia this reputation. You may have heard of at least a few Russian composers (perhaps Tchaikovsky) but beyond names, it can be difficult to recall any facts about them if you haven’t ever studied music, let alone ...
22 Jan
From Overture to Grand Finale: Tchaikovsky International and Eternal Legacy It doesn’t take a Russophile to know the name Tchaikovsky and be able to enjoy all the way from overture to the grand finale. It doesn’t even take a music genius. Tchaikovsky’s name is known worldwide: his compositions are some of the most recognisable pieces ...
14 Jul
The Latvian Academy of Music As a classical music student, I was really excited when I found out Riga was one of the only city’s in the Baltics area that had a music academy. While I totally recognize and appreciate pop music in all it’s glory (EDM jams all the way), there’s something about a ...