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23 Sep
The Moscow Roman Catholic Cathedral No more than a fifteen-minute walk from Liden and Denz Moscow is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Собо́р Непорочного Зачатия Пресвятой Девы Марии) or, in simpler terms, the Moscow Roman Catholic Cathedral. It is the largest Catholic Church in Russia and there is only one other in the whole ...
24 Sep
Over the next couple of months, big names from both Russia and around the globe will appear in some of the city’s best venues. Tickets for big acts are always popular and sell out in no time at all, which is why we’re letting you know well in advance! Here are just a few of ...
13 May
Saint Petersburg is not only a beautiful city, it also offers a lot of entertainment. So find a seat and breathe deeply, here come some concert highlights Saint Petersburg has to offer in the next few weeks. All set? So let me start with one of the current brightest shining stars in the pop music ...