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08 Jul
If you need a break from your Russian classes, and you need some social activity where you can actually understand what is going on and what people are talking about, this post is for you. Find the best events in English in the city, meet new people and have a fun night with comedy shows, ...
10 Jun
Summer Events in Saint Petersburg! While the people in Moscow will be partying their faces off, it seems there is not that much on offer this summer in Saint Petersburg. It might have something to do with the unpredictability of the weather… For those of you who can’t make the time or the ticket prices, ...
08 Sep
When you think of Russia, what comes to mind? It could be anything from блины(Russian Pancakes) and водка(vodka), to striking religious icons and an unbelievably complicated history! However, balancing delicately near the top of this list is ballet. Russia is a country renowned for its excellence in this field, and is famous for producing some ...