The storied Moscow Metro Two

Moscow Metro

During a stay in the Russian capital, you can’t get around it: the Moscow Metro. Its magnificent architecture makes it one of the most beautiful in the world. In the meantime, this most important means of transport, with its 12 lines and 223 stations, has been in existence for 84 years. But it is said… Continue reading


Showing the family around Moscow!

My parents kept saying they were eager to visit Moscow so they decided to come and join me! My mum had spent two days in Moscow thirty years ago while my dad had never been. I really enjoyed showing them some less touristy areas of Moscow and getting to show off my Russian! Having lived… Continue reading


ParkRun in Russia – How Active Are You?


ParkRun in Russia – How Active Are You? Where can you run – Где можно бегать? Now I love St. Petersburg, but as you might expect, there are certain downsides to building a city of stone on an Arctic ice-float. Mainly –  the lack of decent running routes. St. Petes is many things, but not exactly… Continue reading