Latvian Cuisine

Latvia suffers a harsh climate of long, cold winters and short but warm summers, so their traditional food reflects this, with an agricultural diet of crops and meat, including fish, with few spices and many calories to support an agricultural lifestyle. Latvians have always been great fans of dairy products as well, and cottage cheese,… Continue reading


There’s an International Ballet Festival in St. Petersburg!

ballet dancer next to caption reading 'Russian ballet in Saint Petersburg'

Ballet has its origins in 15th century Italy. Although the art form quickly spread to the rest of Western Europe, it wasn’t introduced to Russia until much later, as part of Peter the Great’s efforts to modernise the country in the 18th century. With the patronage of Empress Anna and, later, Catherine the Great, Russian… Continue reading


Russisch lernen und Spaß haben – Couchsurfing meeting am Donnerstag !

couchsurfing meeting

Russisch lernen und dabei Spaß haben ist für viele Sprachanfänger ein vermeintlicher Widerspruch. Die eigene Komfortzone zu verlassen, permanentes Nachdenken, Sprechen in sehr einfachen Sätzen und darauf zu achten, bei jedem Satz bloß keinen Fehler zu machen, bedeutet für viele Lernende Stress pur. Wie wäre es also nach beendetem Unterricht, weitere liebenswürdige Muttersprachler kennen zu… Continue reading