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17 Nov
Gadgets and Gizmos Galore – Open Market in Riga The Central Market of Riga is the largest bizarre in Europe, and is one of Latvia’s most iconic and famous 20th century structures! It was built between 1924-30, and at the time of its completion was heralded as one of the most progressive and modern markets in ...
25 Sep
The best possible way to get really well acquainted with a city is to get involved with as many local events and customs as possible. If you’re currently studying in Riga, this month will provide the perfect chance. Each year in September, the final Sunday of the month sees locals of Riga throw a huge ...
17 Sep
While you’re in Riga, one place you should definitely visit is the Tropical Butterfly House, nestled away in the picturesque Botanical Gardens of the University of Riga. If you’ve been rushing around a little too much lately, and you’re in the mood for a fun yet relaxing day out, this is the perfect choice. Take ...
10 Sep
You have a dilemma – you have been working hard in lessons all morning, and now you are trying to decide how best to spend your evening. You’ve exhausted all of the usual options and are searching for something a little more unusual. On a rooftop in Riga, there is something particularly special happening. For ...
02 Sep
  Have you heard of the Latvian National Opera’s special programme of summer performances? This short season is an incredible chance to see some of the opera and ballet highlights of the previous year, and people flock from far and wide to experience the magic of a really beautifully produced show. The season only runs ...
27 Aug
  This coming Saturday night bonfires will be lit on the beaches of the Baltic Sea. In ancient times, bonfires were lit to warn of dangers. More or less twenty years ago the countries around the Baltic Sea took up this tradition again. Since then every last Saturday of august they are lighting the bonfire, ...
20 Aug
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The zoo in Riga is a city-owned zoo and it is the oldest zoo in Northern Europe! It is located in Mezaparks on the western bank of Kisezers Lake. Mezaparks is a very popular place among Riga’s locals. You can have a picnic at the landing stage or make a tour with your bike or ...
14 Aug
Riga’s City Festival is the main annual event in Latvia! This year it takes place from 15th to 17th August. It consists of musical, artistic, theatrical and dance performances, as well as sports events and attractions. This festival gives you a wonderful impression of Riga’s city! It will begin on Friday evening with a special ...
06 Aug
A Must-Do In Riga: The Central Market When you are visiting Riga, the Central Market is a must-do there! It is the most colourful and delicious place in the city where you can find healthy and quality food. It’s also a paradise for gourmands, but with reasonable prices. You will definitely love it! When the ...
10 Jun
There is so much to see in Riga for every type of tourist, and if you’re a museum-person you’ll be spoilt for choice! Here are our top five not-to-be-missed museums: 1. National History Museum of Latvia (Latvijas Dabas muzejs) One of Riga’s oldest museums has been recently renovated and modernised and now boasts interactive exhibits ...