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05 Oct
For a gentleman, straying away from your regular barber can be a pretty harrowing experience. It feels like cheating on your life-long companion. There’s also always that worry about trying something new with somebody else. Will they know what you like? Will they be experienced? When I left England to come to Russia I had no choice ...
24 May
Moscow haircut experience – My Story After two moths that I live in Moscow, I suddenly decided it’s time for a Moscow haircut. It was not a premeditated decision, I just felt that I needed to change something. And usually, when a woman wants to change it begins from her hair. Actually, I did it ...
04 Jun
St. Petersburg Practical Information: Getting a Haircut If you’ve been here for a long time and feel your hair is starting to look a bit untidy and really needs a haircut; or maybe you’re just desperate for a new style, don’t be afraid to visit a hair dresser here in St Petersburg! You may be ...