Max says hello to everyone

Hello, everyone! Привет всем! Servus alle zusammen! I’m a new intern at Liden & Denz and I would like to say hello to you. My name is Max, or just Maxi, and I’m from the wonderful city Baden near Vienna. So why am I going to introduce myself to you? I ‘m going to provide… Continue reading


Genießt ein russisches Theater in Riga!

Das russische Mikhail Chekhow Theater in Riga ist das älteste russische Drama-Theater außerhalb Russland. Vorher gab es kein selbstständiges russisches Theater in Riga. Es öffnete seine Türen am 2. Oktober 1883 mit der Premiere von I. Shpanzinskys „Die Frau des Majors“. Zu Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts, arbeiteten die berühmten künstlerischen Leiter K. N. Nezlobin und… Continue reading


My inspiring experience in St. Petersburg

inspiring experience

My inspiring experience in St. Petersburg After an inspiring experience I had in St. Petersburg, it’s hard to believe how fast eight weeks can fly by. But, here I am, writing my goodbye post! My time here in St. Petersburg has been more gratifying, exciting and intense than I could have imagined. When I was planning… Continue reading