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09 Aug
Hello, everyone! Привет всем! Servus alle zusammen! I’m a new intern at Liden & Denz and I would like to say hello to you. My name is Max, or just Maxi, and I’m from the wonderful city Baden near Vienna. So why am I going to introduce myself to you? I ‘m going to provide ...
06 Aug
Hello! My name is Michael Mayberry. I’m currently an intern studying Russian at the Liden & Denz Language Center in St. Petersburg. I’m a Russian-American who grew up in Ohio, USA. In my free time, I enjoy reading literature, journaling, translating, watching films, bicycling, listening to music, and dancing. My interest in Russian language and ...
05 Jun
Greetings from Russia with, well, rain – and lots of it. Hello everyone, I’m Kamila – Liden & Denz’s new blogger – I’ll be based in Moscow for the next six weeks, studying Russian and updating you about expat life in the city. This is actually my second stint at Liden & Denz, I spent ...
06 Dec
Now, I Shall Introduce Myself Hello readers, now I shall introduce myself. My name is Ramon Wensink, I am from the Netherlands and currently studying Russian at the Liden & Denz Institute in Saint Petersburg. After reading a stack of books and watching quite some documentaries on the Russian culture, history and way of life, ...
02 Aug
Здравствуйте! Hello everyone, my name’s Kamila and I’m delighted to be the new blogger at Liden and Denz! I’ve just started a month-long Russian language course at the Liden and Denz centre in St. Petersburg, and during my time here I’ll be keeping you updated daily on the trials and travails of student life. Apart ...