Typical sports in Russia

Every country has its own sports, like how Brazil has football or Austria has skiing. And Russia is no different. This blog is all about the wealth of sport that you can watch as a spectator or even take part in whilst in Russia. Sombo (Самбо) Sombo is a very popular material art which actually has… Continue reading


Which St. Petersburg accommodation is more convenient?

Is Airbnb the best St. Petersburg accommodation ?

Looking for St. Petersburg accommodation but you don’t know what to choose? Let me tell you my story. A friend had an interesting idea. As he was packing to leave, we were talking about accommodations when travelling, is it better to rent a place, stay in a hotel and, when it came up that I’ll… Continue reading


Moscow Zoo celebrates a 150th anniversary!

Moscow Zoo

Moscow Zoo celebrates a 150th anniversary! This weekend Moscow Zoo (Московский Зоопарк) would like to welcome you to its 150th birthday party! The official anniversary takes place on 14th September, and so to mark this grand occasion, organisers have planned 2 full days of fun and festivities. The celebrations begin at noon on 13th September,… Continue reading