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22 Jan

One of Riga’s most popular and interesting attractions is the Riga Cat House. Located in Old Riga near the town center, the Cat House is easily spotted due to the two black cat statues ...

10 Jun

There is so much to see in Riga for every type of tourist, and if you’re a museum-person you’ll be spoilt for choice! Here are our top five not-to-be-missed museums:

1. ...

27 Mar

Riga is a stunning city, and full of incredible architecture, fascinating museums and beautiful scenery, and you should, of course, make sure you see as much of this as possible! However, if ...

17 Mar

Latvia isn’t just home to Latvians but to Latgalians as well, the ethnic Latvians of Latgale, one of the four historical and cultural regions of Latvia. Latgale is the eaternmost region, north ...

06 Mar

Latvia may never have been a mighty kingdom, but there are plenty of ancient fortresses and stunning palaces to visit, with hundreds of different locations still standing! In each Latvian ...

27 Feb

Latvia has a very special relationship with singing and music, and the dainas all reflect Latvian life, with songs dedicated to farming, mythology and the stages of life, such as birth and ...

16 Aug

Though Liden & Denz will open its new language centre in Riga (Latvia) only in January next year, we already want to make you familiar with the city and its beauties. Today (August 16), ...

31 Jul

As you may have heard, Liden & Denz is opening a new Russian language centre in Riga, Latvia. In all three Baltic States, Russian is to some extent spoken by people without any ethnic ...