Meet Lena from Germany, a current student at Liden & Denz in Moscow

student at Liden & Denz

Just out of school, 18 year old Lena Handt from Germany decided to do something different during her gap year instead of the usual travelling the world. Despite never being to Russia before and without any previous studies of the Russian language she found courage and went to Moscow for 9 weeks of Russian studies.… Continue reading


“Sweating in the Banja, freezing in the frozen Lake Baikal” – Travel news


The article in Travel News follows the Liden & Denz press tour and covers the story of the institute, from the foundation in 1992 in St.Petersburg, to opening of the new campus in Irkutsk, as well as reasons to learn Russian in the Eastern Siberian capital and discover the magnificent lake Baikal. “Why Irkutsk? Quite… Continue reading


Liden & Denz opens Russian school in Siberia

“Liden & Denz Intercultural Institute of Languages has announced the opening of a new campus in the Russian town of Irkutsk in Siberia, making it the company’s fourth study destination.” The Pie News, January 2017


Looking back at Liden & Denz 23 years ago!

Looking Back

Looking back at Liden & Denz 23 years ago! Looking back at when Danielle  from Switzerland first attended Liden & Denz St. Petersburg in early 1993! She studied Russian and lived in a family during almost 6 months. We talked to Danielle to find out what she loves about Russian language and how much the country,… Continue reading


About your subconsciousness and Russian cinemas

Learning a new language is tough – learning Russian is tougher. As if studying a new alphabet with 33 letters, which mainly look familiar but have a different meaning is not hard enough: There are 6 cases, the suffixes of words seem to change randomly at the beginning and every verb has two different forms… Continue reading


Squeaky-clean Russian TV

The recent incident in which Russian TV channel TVT censored a mild swear-word caused great hilarity among TV viewers. Russian law states certain expletives, as laid down in an official list, must be bleeped out on television. A very sensible law in today’s world, many would be inclined to comment. However, during the recent airing… Continue reading


Learn Russian with self-study material from Liden & Denz

Everyone has different approaches to language learning and at Liden & Denz our teachers combine several methods so you can develop all your skill areas. As all students of Russian language know, sometimes there are topics trickier than others that you might need to study by yourself at home. Luckily Liden & Denz has put… Continue reading


3rd week free for Moscow based expatriates!

Book now 2 weeks and get third week free of charge This offer is available only for Moscow based expatriates and applies to all groups starting in 2010. There are no restrictions towards the total duration of a course. For daytime groups please observe our official starting dates. For evening groups – offer is available for… Continue reading