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10 Jun
Summer Events in Saint Petersburg! While the people in Moscow will be partying their faces off, it seems there is not that much on offer this summer in Saint Petersburg. It might have something to do with the unpredictability of the weather… For those of you who can’t make the time or the ticket prices, ...
18 May
Korean restaurants in St. Petersburg There are many Korean restaurants in St. Petersburg. Being half-Korean and having lived there some time, I am a Korean food addict. In every city I visit I look for the best-rated Korean restaurants and try at least one out. I was happy to find that there are plenty of Korean ...
17 May
Watch Synchronised and Original Russian Cinema Of course if you are here to study Russian, you should be going to watch original Russian Cinema. But for those who have arrived only recently, are lazy, or find Russian dubbing of their favourite movies too weird, there are a couple cinemas around town where, every now and ...
13 May
St. Petersburg: Take a Walk down Rubinshteyna street Some of you have probably heard of, or already been on Rubinshteyna street (на Рубинштейна) – the hip street of central Saint Petersburg. Today I want to share with you a few of my favorite places there. I had the fortune of living on this street for ...
11 May
Greetings from Esther! I am Esther, greetings!  I am 28, from … well, I was born in Seoul, schooled in Bologna, sent to college in Bloomington, Indiana, then moved to Amsterdam where I finished my BA last year (Eastern-European Studies). Now, after six or so months in Sankt Petersburg, I think I might have found ...