Soviet soundtrack – best songs from Soviet films

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Popular music and Soviet film What kind of music do people usually listen to? Of course, Tchaikovski’s and Shostakovich’s works define Russian high culture, but it is unlikely you work out to Swan Lake (except if you’re a ballerina), and you’ll hear Viktor Tsoy’s Кукушка a lot more often in the repertoir of street musicians.… Continue reading


Flag of Latvia

The national flag of Latvia was officially adopted in 1922, though the flag was in use as early as the 13th century. Although its use was suppressed from 1940 under the Soviet rule, after regaining its independence, Latvia flew its national flag on the 27th of February 1990 once again. The red colour is said… Continue reading


Met at Liden & Denz: John Gussenhoven – dancer and biker (USA)

Why have you decided to come to St. Petersburg and learn Russian? I like the challenge of learning a difficult language as I speak several Romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese and some Italian). One of my hobbies also exposes me to many Russian speaking people. Will Russian be useful for your job/your career? I will be… Continue reading