The best viewpoints to see Moscow from above

Moscow from above

Moscow is so beautiful, it is worth to see from every angle, but the view from above is totally stunning. That’s why there are so many viewpoints around the city. They are historical buildings, parks, museums, and restaurants that also offer breath-taking views of the city. So, in this article you will find some hints… Continue reading


First hand experience: Moscow winter is NOT 365 days long

Moscow winter

First hand experience: Moscow winter is NOT 365 days long As a foreigner, like many others I believe, I used to think that Moscow winter lasts forever. Russia in general, and Moscow in particular are deemed to be reigned by cold and snow; where people constantly wear heavy clothes; and where, of course, partly because… Continue reading


A Walk in a Park: The Kolomenskoye Museum

Kolomenskoye Museum

A Walk in a Park: The Kolomenskoye Museum​ Kolomenskoye museum is surrounded by a park and an ancient village with several Orthodox churches. It is located 10 km in the south of the center of Moscow. He became one of the suburbs of the Russian capital in 1960 and now belongs to the southern part of… Continue reading