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18 Aug
Peterhof is an absolute must see if you’re ever in town. Known as the ‘Russian Versailles’, it was deemed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. It makes for a perfect day trip and isn’t far, about 30 kilometres from St Petersburg. We went first to Baltiskiy Station then took a marshrutka directly to Peterhof which ...
27 Jun
It’s a great idea to have a day trip to Peterhof. If you’ve met some locals in St. Petersburg, you’ll notice that they tend to flee the city on the weekends come summertime. And who can blame them! After a long week, it’s great to escape the crowds in the city center and get some fresh ...
07 Aug
Situated 45 minutes away from St. Petersburg is Peterhof (Петергоф), a small village and home to the Peter the Great’s summer palace. One of the most beautiful attractions in the vast complex of Peterhof is its magnificent fountains. Built in the first half of the 18th Century, they are located in the grounds of the ...