The best viewpoints to see Moscow from above

Moscow from above

Moscow is so beautiful, it is worth to see from every angle, but the view from above is totally stunning. That’s why there are so many viewpoints around the city. They are historical buildings, parks, museums, and restaurants that also offer breath-taking views of the city. So, in this article you will find some hints… Continue reading


Showing the family around Moscow!

My parents kept saying they were eager to visit Moscow so they decided to come and join me! My mum had spent two days in Moscow thirty years ago while my dad had never been. I really enjoyed showing them some less touristy areas of Moscow and getting to show off my Russian! Having lived… Continue reading


Student Concerns: Where to Eat Out…


Student Concerns: Where to Eat Out… In past blog posts I’ve covered various food topics, like reviews of specific Latvian restaurants, or reviews of snacks you’ll find in a variety of Latvian stores. Food is kind of important once you get to a new area. It’s part of the culture, and therefore is a way… Continue reading


Korean Restaurants in St. Petersburg

Korean restaurants

Korean restaurants in St. Petersburg There are many Korean restaurants in St. Petersburg. Being half-Korean and having lived there some time, I am a Korean food addict. In every city I visit I look for the best-rated Korean restaurants and try at least one out. I was happy to find that there are plenty of Korean… Continue reading


Бизнес Ланч, the Russian solution to a short lunch break

Moscow is known for being a busy city with people always in a hurry. Whether they are students or employees of important companies, Muscovites have little time to eat their lunch sadly ( trust me, in France, we never appreciate it when we cannot fully enjoy our meals). Therefore, nearly every restaurant in the capital… Continue reading


The Restaurant Day

Have you ever dreamed of opening you own restaurant? Or do you just love to eat and try new stuff? Either way, this Saturday (16th of May) you are in for a treat. On Saturday the so called Restaurant Day will take place around the world, and of course Saint Petersburg will take part. The… Continue reading


Duo GastroBar

I am very happy to have discovered Duo GastroBar during one of my long walks around the city. This itty-bitty restaurant opened not long ago and it’s already a success amongst locals, judging by how hard it can be to get a table. (Just last night I was there, and I had to sit at… Continue reading