A guide to thrifting in St Petersburg

Since moving to St Petersburg from the UK, I have been on a mission to hunt down cheap and sustainable ways to shop. Back in England I am an avid thrifter, meaning that I love buying things in second hand shops! It is so helpful to do this as a student who needs to save… Continue reading


Moscow As The Melting Pot Of The East

melting pot

Moscow As The Melting Pot Of The East Time flies, and before you know it is time to leave the melting pot and go back home. I do not have many homes away from home, but Moscow surely makes it on the list. It has become really close to my heart.   Learning Russian in… Continue reading


High End Shopping and Children Shopping in Moscow

High End Shopping in Moscow High End Shopping. A word that every single woman loves, and also some men do love it. It is an international word and also in Moscow you can hear it many times. Indeed, in this city there are plenty of shopping centers and markets. The main reason is because Russian… Continue reading


One Of The Largest Flea Markets In The World Is In St.Petersburg

Largest flea markets

One Of The Largest Flea Markets In The World Is In St.Petersburg Udelnaya Flea Market Looking for a unique way to practice your Russian this weekend, and maybe pick up a few souvenirs along the way? Then head north to St.Petersburg flea market Udelnaya (Блошиный рынок на «Удельной»)! One of the largest flea markets in… Continue reading


Shopping Mall And More: GUM – Russia’s First Department Store


Shopping Mall And More: GUM – Russia’s First Department Store GUM (ГУМ) is an abbreviation of  Главный Yниверсальный Mагазин, or Main Universal Store, and actually a number of GUMs exist throughout Russia and the former Soviet Republics, but this article focuses on the oldest and most beautiful of them, the Moscow GUM on Red Square.… Continue reading


Moscow’s GUM

A visit to Moscow is never complete without a visit to Moscow’s world famous Red Square (Красная площадь). In just one relativity small area, one can see many of the famous buildings and landmark Russia is known for. But what many people may not know, is that nearly one whole side of the square is… Continue reading



St. Petersburg is famous for being the most “western” city in Russia when it comes to architecture, culture and mentality. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the city offers just as many shopping options as the other capitals of Europe. The most popular of the city’s shopping options is known as Galeria, (Галерея).  This massive… Continue reading


St. Petersburg’s House of Books

Dom Knigi (Дом книги) is situated on the corner of Nevsky Prospekt (Невский Проспект) and Canal Griboedova (Канал грибоедова). The bookstore is on the first floor of the historic ‘Singer House’ building, named after an American sewing machine company who designed the building we know today in 1904. Singer house has become somewhat of a… Continue reading