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26 Mar
If you didn’t manage to go to Sochi for the Winter Olympics 2014 to see all the athletes in action, here’s your change to meet actual Olympians! Over the next few weeks, you’ll have to opportunity to meet and greet athletes like bobsled team member Kirill Antyukh, curling team member Pyotr Dron and speed skater ...
24 Feb
After three fantastic weeks of athletic prowess, the Sochi Winter Olympics came to a close last night with a glittering Closing Ceremony, featuring dancing, speeches and fireworks. Everyone remembers the slight embarrassment Russia suffered when a technical malfunction meant the final Olympic ring didn’t open during the Opening Ceremony, but during the Closing Ceremony the ...
13 Feb
The Winter Olympics are well under way in Sochi and after almost a week at the games, there’s plenty to talk about! There was one big upset today in the Short Track Speed Skating 500m Ladies Final. Elise Christie made history as the first British woman to make it into a speed skating final and ...
07 Feb
Let it be known that Russia makes something good out of everything, including now, the meteor strike that happened in February last year! At the Sochi Olympics, gold medallists will be presented with an extra commemorative medal with a little piece of the Chelyabinsk meteorite embedded into it! Russian scientists were able to recover a ...
05 Feb
With the Winter Olympic games starting in Sochi on Friday, the Olympic torch can see the end goal in sight after 123 days in transit, touring the country. On the 1st February, the organisers announced that the torch was carried to the top of Mt. Elbrus, Europe’s highest peak, in October, so as to avoid ...