Pavlovsky Posad Shawls – Two Hundred Years of Excellence

Girl in Pavlovsky Posad scarf

Pavlovsky Posad is a 223-year-old tradition of Russian excellence. Started in 1795 by Ivan Labzin, a peasant farmer from Pavlova village outside of Moscow. it’s now an empire of a symbolic Russian accessory and souvenir. Labzin first ‘hired’ a handful of volunteers to work with him in a small workshop producing silk shawls and woven… Continue reading


Spielefans aufgepasst: Chёzaigra in Sankt Petersburg

Schon jemals etwas gehört von Chёzaigra? Das lustige Teamspiel für Musik und Film findet in Sankt Petersburg zweimal im Monat statt. Es wird ein unterhaltsames Programm geboten, für kontaktfreudige Personen, die gerne neue Leute kennenlernen! Wann und Wo Auch am kommenden Wochenende findet Chёzaigra statt. Am Freitag, den 8. Oktober 2016 findet das Musik Quiz… Continue reading


This Day in History: Inauguration of St. Isaac’s Cathedral

During my time in St. Petersburg so far, I have walked past St. Isaac’s Cathedral and been quietly impressed with it more times than I can say. However, I never took the time to find out about the history of it, but the 249th anniversary of its inauguration today has given me a great opportunity… Continue reading