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05 Jul
With good reason known to these days as Catherine the Great, the Russian Empress was one of the most fascinating and powerful rulers ever. Despite her being an outsider, coming from the German city of Settin, she managed to reach the very top of the Russian Empire at the age of 33 years old when, ...
28 Jul
Pavel Cherenkov Today (July 28th) would be the 112th birthday of Nobel prize winning Russian scientist Pavel Alekseyevich Cherenkov. Cherenkov was born into a peasant family in the small village of Novaya Chigla, on the central belt of the European part of Russia. Despite this difficult upbringing, he still managed to go to university and ...
10 Jul
25 years since the election of Boris Yeltsin Today marks 25 years since the Russian people chose Boris Yeltsin as their first popularly elected president in Russia’s history. Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin was born in a small Village outside of the Russian city of Yekaterinburg. He spent his early working life in the construction industry.  In 1961 he joined ...
27 May
May 27th 1703 marked the day that the first stones were laid to build the fortress that would protect St. Petersburg from the Swedes. This fortress is called the St. Peter and Paul Fortress. Peter the Great was adamant to get back access to the Baltic Sea from the Swedes in order to make St. Petersburg ...
22 Feb
This day was first celebrated in 1918, when it was first named День Красной Армии (Red Army Day). Years later it was changed to День Советской Армии и Военно-Морского флота (Soviet Army and Navy Day) and it remained as such until the dissolution of the Soviet Union. In 2002, this day was given its current ...