5 Interesting Facts about Empress Catherine II

empress Catherine

With good reason known to these days as Catherine the Great, the Russian Empress was one of the most fascinating and powerful rulers ever. Despite her being an outsider, coming from the German city of Settin, she managed to reach the very top of the Russian Empire at the age of 33 years old when,… Continue reading


Исаакиевский собор – St. Isaac’s Cathedral

The beautiful and majestic St. Isaac’s Cathedral will surely give you one of – if not the best – view of the cultural capital of Russia. The largest Russian Orthodox cathedral took over 40 years to complete, but it was well worth it. On the same place were once three other cathedrals, but it was… Continue reading


Puede la ‘Memrise’ ayudarte aprender el Ruso?

learn Russian

Puede la ‘Memrise’ ayudarte aprender el Ruso? Hoy en día, existen aplicaciones y paginas del web incontables lo que sostienen que puedan ayudarte descubrir un idioma extranjero. Con una búsqueda rápida en Google, encontrará miles de paginas con títulos como ‘Tres semanas a la fluidez’ – algo que sabemos, desafortunadamente, no es posible. Hoy voy… Continue reading