Russian etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts when visiting Russia


Russian society is marked by ancient traditions and habits. They are very cultural and so they easily recognize other cultures by their behavior. Sometimes these other behaviors may even be considered offensive to Russian citizens. So you should know about the table manners, Russian gestures and traditions, if you want to experience a stay without… Continue reading


Auf den Spuren der Oktoberrevolution

Als die Oktoberrevolution die ganze Welt schockierte, war Sankt Petersburg Hauptstadt des Russischen Reiches.Gestern erkundeten einige Schüler zusammen mit Evgeny Petrovich, der auch bei Liden und Denz unterrichtet, die wichtigsten Schauplätze der Oktoberrevolution in Piter. Der Ausflug startete im Zimmer Nummer neun, wo uns zu erst einmal die wichtigsten Daten und Fakten zur Oktoberrevolution gegeben… Continue reading


Interesting sight-seeing: Hermitage Peacock Clock

Hermitage Peacock Clock

Interesting sight-seeing: Hermitage Peacock Clock The Hermitage Peacock Clock is definitely one of the must-see pieces in the Hermitrage museum in St. Petersburg! And, those currently studying with Liden & Denz in Piter have certainly been there more than once (for ISIC card holder, it is free!). Inside the Pavillion Hall, on the first floor of the Northern… Continue reading