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28 Jun
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Foreigns in Russia will no doubt have encountered things or people they do not understand. Sometimes, this makes life complicated. Other times, it makes for a funny situation. Maybe something ...
28 Oct
Applying for a visa can sometimes be a nightmare. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the film “ The 12 tasks of Asterix”, but there’s a scene that marvellously depicts how I feel whenever I have to ...
29 Nov
Expired visa – Lufthansa strike makes it possible The last days of the stay in Saint Petersburg are finishing while the strongly desired return trip comes closer. The wish to go back home ...
22 Sep
The Visa Process is Not to Be Rushed I, as I am sure many of you are, was incredibly eager to start my studies in Moscow. When applying to Liden & Denz I was informed that student visas take ...
25 Aug
There’s no denying that the very idea of the dreaded Russian visa puts off a lot of would-be travelers to this country… Both the formality and unfamiliarity of Russian bureaucracy can seem ...
16 May
The Liden & Denz Language Centres are delighted to report that all students from Schengen states (including non-EU countries Norway and Switzerland) will be exempted from Russian visa fees ...
02 Oct
This summer, new visa rules came into effect which have simplified the invitation procedure for certain visitor categories. For us very convenient is the fact that the new system provides a fast ...