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Vērmanes Garden – Riga’s Green Oasis

10 September, 2015

Riga offers a great variety of cultural activities, museums and a charming unique old town. But sometimes everybody needs a bit of nature to escape urban life and recharge your batteries.

Vērmanes Garden, which was opened to the public 1817, has a rich history and is the oldest public garden in Riga. Originally founded by the Governor General Philip Paulucci, Anna Wöhrmann and her son financed the extension and the beautification of the park. Due to her generous donation there is a memorial of Anna and the park was named after her. (Vērmanes is the Lativan transliteration of the German name Wöhrmann)

The park has many different kinds of statues of monuments, besides the extraordinary statutes of Latvian artists, one of the highlights is a huge fountain which shows the four seasons. Since the park compromises an area of 5 hectares (50 000 m²) you might struggle exploring everything on foot. So if you are looking for a more convenient way to get around, there is the possibility to rent a small boat and sail through the surrounding parks, taking in the charming atmosphere and the impressive historical buildings.

The park area is surrounded by many cafes and little kiosks to get refreshments but for those who are willing to spend a little more, BIBLIOTĒKA №1 is definitely worth a visit. It is located in the middle of the peaceful Vērmanes Garden and has a classy, modern atmosphere. BIBLIOTĒKA №1 is known for its creative Latvian cuisine, extraordinary desserts and a remarkable wine list.

Whether you take a boat tour or a relaxed stroll, eat a hot dog or haute cuisine, Vērmanes Garden offers the perfect opportunity to take a break from the buzzing city life and spend an enjoyable day in this green oasis in the heart of Riga.

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