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26 Feb
Why did I decide to write about a tattooed Siberian Ice Maiden? I’ve been watching a lot of videos about tattoos lately. Maybe it is because I recently got my first piercing. It has been my first time coming in contact with the world of piercings and tattoos myself. What fascinates me the most is ...
19 Feb
In my imagination, travelling on a Russian overnight train would have been a very bohemian experience. Everyone told me that when you travel for one night or more with people you barely know, they often share with you food, beverages and secrets. “It’s a very Russian thing,” they said. So imagine travelling in a sleeper ...
12 Feb
If you are vegetarian or vegan, there is no need to continue reading because this article will be all about meat! Growing up in northern Sweden, a big part of my diet consisted of just that. Mostly of so called wild meat, such as moose and reindeer, that we bought from local hunters. But since ...
11 Feb
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St. Petersburg TV anchor Arkady Sharogradsky took an interview with Walter Denz, co-founder of Liden & Denz, asking him about the current business climate in Russia and his personal experience launching a start-up in the education industry in the early 90ties in post-soviet Russia.
06 Feb
It may sound curious to hear that so many people are now studying Russian in Italy. But actually, the language of the Rossijskaja Federacija is probably one of the most chosen by Italian students. This choice is mostly due to the job perspectives that this language offers. For someone who studies Russian in Italy, there ...
05 Feb
What is VK? If you’ve never heard of VK, like I hadn’t a year ago, you might be a bit confused. VK is the most popular social networking site in Russia, with over 300 million users registered there alone! It was set up in 2006 by Pavel Durov after he graduated from St Petersburg State ...
30 Jan
Hello! My name is Stefania and I’m the new Intern at Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg. To be honest, I spent the last several weeks searching for information on how to survive russian winter (if you’re like me, this blog may be very helpful). Don’t laugh at me. I come from Ischia, a beautiful ...
27 Jan
Different nations — different customs! In every country people have different traditions on how to celebrate birthdays. In Austria it is usually a small family gathering for dinner, whereas in Croatia people often like to throw huge parties, especially if it is a birthday marking a decade (In Croatia/Bosnia, even when people are not throwing ...