Life in St. Petersburg, cheaper than you think

Saint Petersburg

Living in the Venice of North, as people use to call Saint Petersburg, may seem a paper dream. With a population of 5M inhabitants, give or take, and an appearance similar to metropolis such as London, Paris and other very expensive European capitals, the city can fool you into thinking that life here is extremely expensive. It is not so, and this is soon explained. The average salary here is of about 50000₽/month, so life in St. Petersburg must cost accordingly. Let’s dig a little bit deeper. I decided to put forth the data I gathered, having crossed it with my personal experience. Transports Same as every big city it has a very wide range of different means of transport which make life in St. Petersburg so much easier, since it is likely that, wherever you are, you can reach a bus/ ...


Summer Festivals in Moscow


Moscow is interesting and exciting all year round, but there are events on many days of the year that make the Russian capital even more vibrant. Festivals are a special experience that attracts and connects people from all over the world. The themes of the festivals are diverse and range from music events over historical events to comic fairs. In the following I would like to introduce you to some festivals that make the summer in Moscow more attractive. Maybe some of them are of interest to you?   GREAT GASTRONOMIC FESTIVAL OF VIETNAM IN MOSCOW When: 24-26 May 10-21 hrs Where: Shopping centre “Hanoi-Moscow” (“Ханой–Москва“), Yaroslavskoye shosse, Korp. 1 Metro station: ВДНХ/ VDNKh Theme: Eating and drinking Price: free The year 2019 was declared as the ...


Can you afford life in Moscow?

Life in Moscow

Russia’s pulsating metropolis Moscow is with about 12 million registered inhabitants – locals assume that the number is clearly higher – the largest Russian city. A tour of Red Square with a view of the Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral or a stroll through Gorky Park – Moscow is full of attractions and won’t let you get bored. But nowadays it happens more and more often that former tourists fall in love with the Russian metropolis and don’t want to go back to their homeland. Every day, the capital attracts new inhabitants from various cities and countries. But can everyone afford a life in Moscow? How has the financial situation to be, at the best, in order to be able to walk along Tverskaya every day?   Minimum wage: 11,280 rubles (about 155 ...


The Seven Wonders: close-up of Russian nature

Travel around Russia

Since I’m a little forgetful, my bad, I might have omitted to tell you that nature is one of the things I love the most. That’s the reason why in today’s article I will list what I called “The Seven Russian Wonders”, that is, breathtaking examples of Russian nature dotted all around the country which I warmly recommend you visit. Mount Elbrus (Эльбру́с) This peak is in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, South-western Russia. This is Russia’s highest mountain and one of the most powerful expression of “Russian” nature.That’s why, it goes without saying, reaching its top is no joke, since it requires training, experience and a local guide. Nevertheless, for trekking and mountain climbing amateurs can be a very challenging and at the same time ...


Russian food: unique experiences in Saint Petersburg

russian traditional food

With no doubt, tasting traditional food of the city you are visiting is one of the most exciting experience to make. Hence, if you are now in Saint Petersburg, you would better not miss the chance to “eat like a Russian”, enjoying different type of meat, fish and fresh seasonal vegetables. Lucky for you, you can join several events to taste Russian food and also to cook by yourself the main dishes of Russian cuisine. Here you are some of them: Market tour with local food tasting  This event will help you discover the Russian traditional specialities that could be found in a market. The guide will take you at one of the most ancient food markets of 18-19th century, while explaining to you some interesting facts about Russian food. Once at the market, you will have the chance to taste farmer ...