On the move – From Italianskaya Ulitsa to Zhukovsogo Ulitsa

Moving an entire school, including all the staff and the current students, within one month is tough enough on its own, but the fact that the new location for the school is still under construction makes it an even greater challenge. We had the opportunity to visit the renovation site and see for ourselves. So I grabbed my camera and we headed out of the school.  A right turn towards the Fontanka river, over the bridge along Nevsky Prospect, a left turn onto Liteiny Prospect and then around the corner onto Zhukovskogo Ulitsa. This area of Saint Petersburg is trending right now with lots of bars, healthy food cafes and coffeeshops in close proximity to each other. Pizza, ribs, Californian poke, burgers and pho bo – all in just one block. People are even saying, that it’s stealing Ulit ...


St Petersburg’s most beautiful “доходный дом”

What do Rasputin and Raskolnikov have in common? Apart from the alliteration of their names, they both lived in a particular type of apartment building. Both the infamous and mysterious characters of St Petersburg’s history and literature alike lived in these buildings known as “доходный дом” – where flats all grouped together were rented out. In fact, the issue with paying the rent set off the whole plot of Dostoevsky’s masterpiece “Crime and Punishment”! But what exactly is доходный дом and why is it special in St.Petersburg architecture? Basically it is a type of multi-family residential house built before 1950 with specific architecture. Today it is more or less known as a typical apartment rental house. The first profitable houses in St Petersburg appeared in t ...


Liden & Denz to expand St Petersburg school with move

Liden & Denz Intercultural Institute of Languages has announced the opening of a new campus in St. Petersburg

“Liden & Denz Intercultural Institute of Languages has announced the opening of a new campus in St. Petersburg.” StudyTravel, March 2019


The Homestay Experience: Living with a Russian Babushka

The Homestay experience can seem daunting, but after a while, you'll settle right in!

When I studied in St Petersburg last year, I decided to stay with a host-family, or homestay. I had done the same when I studied in Yaroslavl, so I had an idea of what to expect. Nonetheless, it was still a daunting prospect. I was still apprehensive about a few things; would I get on with my host? What would their food be like? Would we have things in common, what sort of things could we speak about? Would they be distant and aloof? More importantly, would they speak slowly and clearly, or immediately test my limited Russian skills? So many questions and doubts… That all dissipated as soon as Mila opened her door. Mila was my landlady, моя хозяйка, or, going by the more affectionate term popular among foreign students, моя бабушка. Мой русский дом After welcoming me in with open arms, Mil ...


Five Russian Podcasts for Intermediate and Advanced Students

Pic of White Headphones

If you’re like me, you love podcasts. You listen to them on your way to work, at the gym, or even over a cup of tea. Edifying, intellectually engaging, and often humorous, podcasts are not only a great way to optimize your free time, but also a crucial tool to help improve your skills. What better way to supplement your coursework than listening to Russian podcasts, where you hear the language as it’s actually spoken? Podcasting is developing quickly in Russia, with high-quality content reaching wider audiences each day. The following podcasts are excellent windows into contemporary, relevant discussions happening across the country. While the speed of естественная речь (natural speech) may be daunting at first, after just a few hours of listening a week your confidence will improve.  Blit ...