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02 May
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This Russian quote refers to Pushkin’s probably most productive time of his life, which is also the time he spent in quarantine when cholera broke out in Russia in 1830. To give us a little bit of motivation during this strange period, let’s look at which wonders Russian discipline and creativity brought to life during ...
28 Apr
If I had to summarize our quarantine routine, it would be: Sleep – eat – online classes – eat again – homework- okay just another bite – crap I finished it – sleep again And on top of that, most of us are not allowed to go out and practice sports, which is not the ...
25 Apr
Not many places in the world are as rich in History and culture as St. Petersburg is. If we all can’t wait to go back to one of its many museums, we can use our free time in quarantine to prepare our visits, so can enjoy our upcoming visits even more…so here is an overview ...
23 Apr
Let me guess. For some reason, you decided to learn Russian, maybe for work, maybe as a new hobby, maybe to impress your friends. Whatever it might be, I have no doubt you found yourself at some point in a bookstore, surrounded by books trying to convince you of how easy it is to learn ...
20 Apr
When you think about visiting Russia, there are probably two places that come to mind: Moscow and St. Petersburg. But Russia is so much bigger than just Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the United States, we say that a person hasn’t seen the US if they’ve only been to New York or Los Angeles. The ...
14 Apr
Yesterday I spent the afternoon trying to put in place all flyers, tickets, playbills, maps etc., that I brought with me from Russia. Piles of names and places that occupied my luggage, my purse, and my backpack, because I wasn’t able to make everything fit into one folder. Like my mom always says, I don’t ...
13 Apr
The virus which emerged in Wuhan and colonized and paralyzed the entire world within only a few weeks has transformed most of our busy and passionate life’s into a boring emptiness. We all know about all these activities and hobbies we can start with that free time, just as we know how much of all ...
08 Apr
When you were born, you were probably given a first name, a middle name (maybe two or three), and a surname. You may have a parent’s name or a nickname, but it is most likely personal to the family. The Russian naming customs are a part of the language itself. They are very structured, and ...