4 reasons to visit the GUM-Fair in Moscow


The Red Square is not only the largest and most recognized symbol of Moscow, but it is the heart of the city surrounded by the major sights of the Russian capital. Walking in the Red Square, you can admire the most important buildings of the city, such as the Kremlin, the State History Museum, the St Basil’s Cathedral, the GUM department store and Lenin’s Mausoleum. Background The Red Square has always been the main square of Moscow, the history of which dates back to the 1490s when a new Kremlin of red brick was built there. The Square was the place for huge, open-air markets and significant events. For example, this was the place in the city where tsars’ declares were announced and citizens came here to get informed about the latest news. In addition, church festivals and religious proce ...


Hello post from Aletta, a new Hungarian intern in Moscow!

New Hungarian intern in Moscow

Привет всем! I am Aletta from Hungary, a new intern at Liden & Denz, Moscow, so please let me introduce myself shortly. I am currently studying to become a specialised translator in English and a specialised translator and interpreter in Russian at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I have always put great emphasis on acquiring foreign languages during my studies. I was quite young when I realised that I have a special connection with travelling, languages and foreign cultures. I clearly remember that my obsession for Russian language started when I was 11 years old and I heard the folk song “Katyusha” in a television show. From that moment Russian language has possessed me, I simply fell in love with its melodic sounding. Due to my enthusiasm for languages I decided ...


Hello from Oli, a new intern from Hong Kong and England!

Привет! My name is Oli and I am a new intern at Liden & Denz, St Petersburg! I am currently a 3rd Year Russian and German student at University College, London and I have been studying Russian for nearly seven years now, both at school and university. Originally from Hong Kong, I am very fortunate to experience the world through foreign languages. My native tongues are English and Cantonese, and I have an active knowledge of Mandarin, Russian and German as well. I feel that learning Russian gives you a broader view of the world, and really takes you out of your comfort zone. If you enjoy finding new horizons and experiencing an entirely unique culture, then Russia is definitely for you! In my opinion, in order to truly master Russian, the best thing to do is to live there and be surrou ...


3 Russian recipes that are easy cook at home

russian dishes

The Russian cuisine may not have the best reputation when compared to other cuisines, like Italian cooking. But what is a stay abroad without discovering the local cuisine? Apart from Russia’s traditional well-known culinary specialities like Caviar, Blini or Shaslik, there is even more to discover! To prove that the Russian cuisine includes delicious food, I’ll show you some recipes which are definitely worth trying out at home. As I love to cook, I prepared one of these traditional Russian dishes every day for three days at home. Get inspired by the recipes below and enjoy your meal! Day 1: Blinis Definitely one of the classics of Russian cuisine. What makes it so special for me is the diversity of toppings. Whether you like it topped with sour cream, jam, bacon or salmon – every variati ...


Guide to Russian winter holidays

Winter holidays in Russia The winter holidays season has already started. For religious Russians, this means that a 40 day fasting period which began on the 28th of November. Nevertheless, not least because of the influence of western habits, this time has been adapted more to the western Europe pre-Christmas habits, which is characterized by high consumption. If you plan on discovering the wonders Moscow and St Petersburg have to offer during this time of the year, then I hope to assist you by providing some helpful information about Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Russia, as well as useful phrases to get you through the festive period. Christmas In Russia, Christmas takes place on January 6th and not on the 25th as most of us in Europe are used to. This is because the holidays of the Ort ...