Greetings from our new Belgian intern

Belgian intern in Saint Petersburg

Здравствуйте! My name is Sarah and I recently finished my Law undergraduate in my home town, Brussels. I will have the pleasure to be an intern at the Liden & Denz Language Centre in St. Petersburg until the end of December which will be a real challenge as it is my first time in Russia and I do not yet speak the language. I have always loved languages and had been wanting to learn Russian for a while as I am very much interested in the Russian culture and history as well as the travel opportunities this language provides and – let’s be honest – because Russian is simply beautiful to listen to! I therefore took the decision to take a full year off before starting my master’s degree to finally jump right in to it and … here I am! My first few days in St. Petersburg have been wonde ...


Austria meets Russia: I’m Nicole, a new intern in Moscow!

New intern in Moscow

Hello, Servus and Привет!   My name is Nicole, I am a new intern at Liden & Denz Moscow and would like to introduce myself in this article. I’m from Austria and live in a small town, about 20 minutes from Vienna. In the next two months I live in Moscow and will do my part to fill this blog with many interesting, helpful and exciting content. After those two months I’m going back home, but the journey has just begun! First Experiences At the moment I’m a student at the University of Applied Sciences in Burgenland, Austria, where I attend the course International Business Relations. I am now in the next-to-last semester and this internship is part of my studies. Basically, I opted for this college and this professional practical training because I had been interest ...


Summer in Texas, Winter in Russia

I feel betrayed. Absolutely betrayed. It’s been three whole days in Moscow and I haven’t seen a single bear, a trace of snow or even a bottle of vodka. I flew all the way from Texas… for this?! To be fair, the first time I came to Russia was by accident. Well, as accidentally as you can come to Russia. My alma mater (UT Austin) requires all liberal arts undergrads to study a foreign language – any foreign language – for four semesters. Graduation snuck up on me, and I’d forgotten about the requirement until only two semesters remained on my degree plan! Rather than staying an extra year in Texas, I decided to study abroad. And when else would I ever have an opportunity to study Russian? Despite only studying the language for two semesters before my first stint in Moscow, within weeks I tra ...


Farewell Russia! Goodbye from Lucrezia

Как время летит! Time flies so fast! It feels like yesterday I was in my room packing all my stuff and preparing to come to Russia. И сейчас вот? And now what? Six weeks have gone by, I seriously can’t believe it, it’s already time to go home. Of course, I am happy to go back to Italy and see my home country again together with all the people I love, but at the same time Saint Petersburg has been my second home for these past six weeks. Sadly, this means that I will have to say goodbye to Liden & Denz and goodbye to this amazing city. It’s my second time here in Saint Petersburg at Liden & Denz, but while last year I just took Russian language courses in the morning, this time I decided to pick up a working experience as well and I’m so grateful I did this choice! I’ve worked as an ...


Having fun with grammar: Russian idioms with verbs of motion

Here we are, the verbs of motion, probably the most feared topic of Russian grammar. If you have being studying Russian for some time, you may have already encountered the frightening verbs. But why are they so feared by students? The hardest part of learning these verbs consists in the fact that there are so many different categories, all describing distinct situations. They are handy once you get into the system and master it, but first you have to learn it, and in order to do that you will for sure go through these verbs more than a thousand times, trust me!   Different categories of verbs of motion In Russian saying “I went” or “I will go” can be expressed in many different ways, as many qualities are taken into account. There are two main categories of the verbs. The first one di ...