Learn russian full-time with these course options

Standard Russian language course

Communicative teaching in small groups (maximum 8 students per group during the Pandemic) makes this course a pleasurable and productive experience. Our Standard Group Course gives participants the chance to learn communicative skills in “real life” situations. This course of 20 weekly lessons is offered year round.

For participants staying four weeks or longer, following modules build upon the grammar basics of the first module, treating the same topics from a different angle with more in-depth explanations, more complex vocabulary, different exercises and more dialogues.

Standard Group Courses are available for the first six levels year-round. Beginners may start on specific dates only and are advised to be familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet.   Each course starts on a Monday and ends on a Friday, with lessons taking place usually between 10:00 and 14:00. The minimum course length is one week. The maximum course length is open.

If you have additional questions:

St.Petersburg and Moscow are cities that never sleep. Many restaurants, bars and clubs are open until very late.

Especially for night-life lovers and sleepyheads, Liden & Denz has designed a group course with less lessons than our standard group courses and timings which allow for enough sleep after a rough night.

This course of 15 weekly lessons is offered in mini-groups in the afternoon (15.00-17.50).
Please note that it is only offered in St.Petersburg and Moscow between mid-September and mid-May.
Intensive Group Course

Our intensive group course runs over twenty-five lessons per week in groups with a maximum of eight participants during the Pandemic. You will have twenty morning lessons with students who have booked the standard group course. The remaining five lessons are taught in mini-groups of up to 6 students on two afternoons, offered at a minimum of three different levels.

The exact schedule of this block will be announced upon arrival to the school.

A1 – Beginner: survival Russian tutorials, outdoor classes (shopping, eating out, getting streetwise, ordering theatre and cinema tickets) and telephone training (booking a restaurant table, making flight enquiries, etc.).

A1+/A2 – Elementary: lectures on the Russian mentality and traditions. Other topics cover a wide range of general interest subjects ranging from Russian cuisine to history.

B1 – Intermediate, B2 – Upper Intermediate: the focus is on business and the economy. Other topics include politics, Russian mass media, cultural and historical subjects.

Combined course (20 group + 5 one-to-one lessons weekly)

This option combines our Standard group course with additional, more focussed study in a variety of business or cultural fields. Group lessons help to improve general communication skills and overall level, while the content of the one-to-one block will be built according to your specific needs. You can add even more One-to-One lessons weekly tailored to your particular profession or area of interest.

Special packages are available for Airline staff, Hospitality industry employees and Alpine ski instructors. Please contact our booking department for further details.

The Academy is a joint programme in collaboration with a prestigious private university in St.Petersburg, blending a full-time language course of your choice at Liden & Denz with a well-organised and thorough study of Russian history and culture. 4 history/culture classes per week are held in at a private university in a walking distance from Liden & Denz campus.

It is perfect to those planning a longer stay, as with this module you can get a student visa for 90+ days.

Additional mini-group modules

These modules can be booked only in addition to any Group or One-to-One course and consist of 5 lessons held in the afternoons usually on Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays with 2 lessons on one day and 3 lessons on the second – starting from 14.30 The maximum number of students in a class is 5.

Business Russian (Available only in St.Petersburg and Moscow, not available in Riga)

Minimum level to enrol – A2

This module gives useful language for everyday business situations: telephone calls, making appointments, running a meeting, dealing with clients. On higher levels it develops practical language skills within real business scenarios: presentations, negotiations, meetings and discussions. This module is ideal for professionals who need to expand their business vocabulary, especially in marketing and sales, and to improve their ability to build and establish successful relationships with Russian business partners.

Individual Russian classes

Our Individual Courses are designed for students who require a very focussed area of study. Teacher and student jointly determine the exact content of any individual course. The student is invited to specify his/her field of interests by completing the relevant parts of our online booking form, which allows us to pre-select material, establish a study-plan and prepare a specific vocabulary.

Individual classes prior to an assignment to Russia are a very effective way to prepare for an upcoming relocation. These classes are demanding and require full concentration over a prolonged period of time.

Individual courses are available in varying degrees of intensity: 15, 20, 30 or 40 lessons per week. For 30 lessons or more the student is taught by two teachers.

Individual courses can be booked throughout the year. The minimum course length is one week with each course starting on a Monday and ending on a Friday, though weekend classes can be organised on request.

Individual courses can be held either at school premises or at student’s accommodation (on request)

One-to-One modules

Participants may also book additional One-to-One lessons as a supplement to any Individual or Group Course.

Student testimonials

“Lessons are very stimulating and interesting, I’m so satisfied with everything has been taught us. Nadia is the best Russian teacher I’ve ever had! My host family has been very welcoming and kind.”


“The teachers were extraordinarily helpful and friendly. The atmosphere was very supportive and I enjoyed the lessons very much. I will surely recommend the school to others!”


“Classes were very interesting and at a good level for me as a beginner. People around the school were always friendly, attentive and helpful. I also particularly liked how my teacher incorporated short anecdotes about Russian culture into the lessons.”


“I am particularly satisfied that classes consist of new people and people who have already been in the class before. We learned a lot in 1 week! I would have loved to stay longer!”